Outdoor Dog Kennel Indepth Review!

I have three dogs that live with me and my family inside our home. We dine with them, watch movies with them, and even sleep with them. Our dogs, one chocolate Labrador, one Golden Retriever, and a little Shih Tzu, roam the house day and night. The reason we keep them with us at all times is because our backyard has a low fence, and my husband and I worry that if we leave them out at night, we might not find them where we left them the next day.

In as much as I would like to have them with me at all times, there are some days when I wish I had the house all to myself. I thought of several ways I could keep my dogs safe in my backyard, but keeping them tied up was out of the question. I searched about this concern online and found that the best way to contain them while still giving them the freedom to roam was to buy them an outdoor dog kennel. This seemed like the best choice because I could still interact with them without the hassle of closed off walls like the portable kennels and at the same time, I know my dogs would not feel trapped because the kennels built for the outdoors are grated.

I got my husband and our kids to agree with this solution. They found it to be the best way to keep tabs on the dogs without limiting our interactions with them. It was even an easier decision when I explained that it would not be difficult for anyone, and that the only thing they needed to do to be able to play fetch with the dogs was to unhook the lock on the kennel.


The Choices

I did some research and found several dog kennels online. Most of them had good features such as the promise of easy assembly, panels made from sturdy material, gates and windows that are easy to open. Some come in several colors. Some of them looked like they would give way with just one bump or hit from a ball. Many others seemed like it would be easy for a dog to jump over and escape (the fences and panels were too low, the locks did not seem like they would hold, and they did not have roofs). After some tedious work, I finally narrowed my choices down to the three best ones I found.


Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky Dog 6'Hx4'Wx8'L Uptown Welded Wire KennelThis outdoor dog kennel has a heavy duty 10 gauge welded steel frame with a black powder-coated finish. Because the steel is welded, it’s a guarantee that this will not break apart. It has a detachable roof that further protects the dogs from the elements. It has a gate that measures about 5 feet in height and 2 feet in width, and a locking gate latch as well. These dimensions make it easy for a medium to large dog to fit through the gate without a struggle. It also makes it easy for any human to assemble and to clean up.


  • Big dimensions: height is 6 feet, length is 8 feet, and width is 4 feet. With a gate and lock that you do not have to worry about your dog getting the hang of manipulating in order to escape.
  • I did not need any tools to assemble this dog kennel. It is built very well and it is heavy duty so I did not have to worry about my dogs escaping or ruining the kennel itself.
  • Flexible design. I did not have to stick to the basic plan of the kennel. I was able to connect the back our house so I was able to make the length a little longer.
  • Easy to transport or store anywhere. The panels can be kept in the basement or the garage when not in use.


Setting up this outdoor kennel on the grass or on any surface like wood, slate, or flagstone, is easy. It also looks good; it does not look like just some big cage for the dogs. It is also heavy duty enough to hold up to two small to medium-sized dogs. You no longer have to worry about your dogs escaping when you go out for groceries or for a night out with friends. The benefits of this product are looking good.


Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Kennel

Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor KennelThis kennel is also very easy to set up. I did not have to use any fancy tools for this. The dog kennel has eight panels that are held together by 16 connectors, but it was very easy to assemble. It is also very lightweight, but just because it does not weigh too much, it does not mean that it is not able to hold a medium dog. The kennel also looks nice in a backyard. It does not look like a big bulky cage.

  • I did not need any fancy tools to assemble this dog kennel either. The assembly instructions are practical and easy to follow.
  • The roof is higher so the height dimension is bigger than 5 feet. It comes in at around 5 feet and 5 inches tall.
  • Very lightweight at 56 pounds, but it is also sturdy. Because it is lightweight, it is also very easy to store. Just fold the eight panels up and stack them or lean them against a wall in your basement and forget about it.
  • Octagonal design allows a good roaming area for your dogs. It also does not take up too much space that it looks too bulky. It is just the right size.

The tarpaulin roof helps to keep the dog sheltered from the elements. The octagonal shape of this kennel gives the dog a lot of floor space to roam. It also has a window that allows you to interact with your pet with ease even if he is on the inside and you are on the outside. Because the walls are relatively high, this is really made to be used outdoors.


Precision Pet Courtyard Kennel Silver Crackle

Precision Pet 38 in. Courtyard Kennel Silver CrackleThis is also very easy to assemble. I did not need to use any fancy tools to set this up. Because the frames are made from galvanized iron, there is no need to worry about this kennel rusting or breaking. The floor space is adequate for a small to a medium-sized dog. It is also a lightweight kennel at 76 pounds, but it will not tip or topple over when your dog leans on the panels.

  • No fancy tools required to assemble this dog kennel either. The panels can easily be assembled and disassembled, which makes for easy storage later on.
  • Hexagonal design allows a good roaming area for your dogs. It is small enough to fit in the living room.
  • It is also quite lightweight at 76 pounds. The dimensions (38.2 inches x 36.6 x 47 inches) are good for a medium-sized dog. But the kennel is also sturdy despite the light weight and medium dimensions.
  • Rust-resistant with its galvanized iron frame, so you do not have to worry about this breaking because it rained the week before.

Its silver finish makes it look very clean and good against a green backyard. As the name states, it works best when set up in a courtyard. It also has a built-in gate for you to be able to easily walk in to play with your dog or feed him. And because the size and dimensions of this kennel is just right, it can easily fit in the living room for when you want to contain your dog but still want him to be with you inside your home. The walls are low enough for it not to look bulky inside a living room or a room, but tall enough to keep your pet from escaping when you decide to go out at night for drinks.


My Decision

After weighing the pros and the cons of each product, I had to decide which dog kennel would best suit my dogs’ needs. Price did not matter so long as the value of the product would do them (and me) a lot of good. So long as I was able to fully satisfy the basic needs of my pets, I had no doubt that the choice I made was the best one. Convenience for both the canines and myself and my family is also what brought me to choose the first outdoor dog kennel for my pets.

The Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is the outdoor dog kennel I chose. It is the most advantageous dog kennel I could find, and it is the most valuable for my money. It was able to house two of my dogs. The other dog had another one all to himself. Its heavy-duty framing and flexible design allowed me to shape the kennel according to the needs of the family and my dogs, be it attached to the house or completely outdoors. I did not worry about whether or not the roof would fall off because it is very heavy duty. I was able to put this kennel outside, and to store it in the basement when my dogs did not need it. All in all, it was a good buy.

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